The Universe may not be able to contain her for long, but as Universal Motown’s latest signee, Stori’s talents as a singer/songwriter lend themselves to the powerhouse label. (“Stori has the ability to relate to the masses with her music.”) said Rex Rideout VP of Motown. The young New Jersey natives ability to paint a vivid picture with her edgy lyrics and rhythmic melodies instantly grab the attention of any first time listener. Stori studied the great artists who came before her like, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash giving a kaleidoscope style to her music. Her recent commitments to the label gives the term “full circle” a whole new meaning, after having studied the Motown sound as a child. “It is so surreal,” says the still in shock Stori. The New Jersey native plans to let her life experiences be the driving force behind her music. Stori reflects, “Throughout the years I’ve bounced from situation to situation…. and every time a door closed, immediately, another one opened.” It was one of those doors that put Stori in front of Jae Hill the CEO of Nextday Entertainment. It was then that she started developing her current sound including rap verses to her melodies; with that new electric sound she penned “Just Another Day,” an ode to New Jersey and Queen Latifah. With a catalog of hits she plans on unleashing something game changing in the years to come. Working on her album is paramount in Stori’s life at the moment, while honing her stage presence Stori plans to leave no stone unturned on this journey. She has perfected her writing abilities penning complete songs like “Just Another Day.” Stori wants people to not only relate to her music but go through an experience as well. Stori has worked with Taj Jackson of Nextday Entertainment as well as going through what she called vocal boot camp with renowned vocal coach Craig Derry (Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, etc.). Stori has goals and milestones in the forefront of her thinking,including live performances, and exciting visuals in her near future Stori’s well laid plan is being actualized. Since putting ink to paper it has become more and more evident that her years of “the grind” was just the tip of the iceberg. Label life for this talented young artist in just a few short weeks has proven to be surmountable in comparison. “The work has just begun” says Stori “and I looks forward to every second of it.”