It’s a controversial claim, but here we go: Skrillex popularized dubstep.

Brick through the window? Nope, we’re in the clear.

Where were we? Right. Skrillex popularized dubstep; he didn’t invent it, but he’s probably the reason everyone in the world knows what it is. His second EP (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites), which was released in 2010, brought the producer born Sonny Moore to the forefront of electronic music, garnering him a nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy’s (he would go on to become the EDM artist with the most Grammy’s ever).

Skrillex, originally the lead singer of post-hardcore band From First to Last, is an artist who can play ball in multiple genres. Most recently, Moore helped reinvent/reinstate Justin Bieber with the vibes of tropical house on the pop star’s blockbuster LP Purpose, producing the singles “Sorry,” and “Where Are U Now” with Jack U partner-in-crime Diplo.