Psy is a singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and record producer, most famous stateside for his “Gangnam Style” song and dance. Psy came to the U.S in 1997 where he says he listened to Eminem and Tupac a lot, developing a love for their music and lyrics. He went back to South Korea in 2000 to record his first album, “PSY From The PSYcho World!,” which was criticized for it’s inappropriate content and blunt lyrics.He served a mandatory military service from 2003-2005, but was redrafted in 2007 and ultimately served until 2009. In 2010, he released the album that made him famous, “PSY’s Best 6th Part 1,” which included “Gangnam Style.” His video garnered an insane amount of attention, reaching over 230 million views on YouTube. The wild success of the song, which ranked #1 on the iTunes Music Video charts, earned him an invite to the U.S, where he appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards, and SNL. All of this lead to his signing with Schoolboy Records, which happens to be Justin Bieber’s manager’s label.