Unless you’ve been living in exile for the past year, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Pi’erre Bourne, or at the very least, you’ve heard his iconic Jamie Foxx assisted producer tag.

Pi’erre is responsible for some veritable bangers, including Playboi Carti’s infectious hit “Magnolia”. Since then he’s gone on to work with rap titans like Drake and 21 Savage.

After slaving away at an engineering gig at Epic Records, Pi’erre knew he had to make it on his own. Thus, he started his own version of Kanye’s producer grind (though Pi’erre made 10 beats a day rather than 5), and just like Kanye, he’s much more than just a producer. Pi’erre is currently signed as a rapper to Interscope, and has his own label, “SossHouse”. He’s not posturing either, he can rap. Just listen to the delightfully self-aware track “Yo Pi’erre!”, assisted by Playboi Carti ad-libbing in the background.