NoCap is among the new generation of artists, using emotions and aggression to fuel the energy behind his trap bangers. 

NoCap actually first started rapping when he was 8 or 9 years old, under the guidance’s of his mom’s boyfriend at the time, who was also penning his rhymes. He stopped for a period of time before picking it back up once his brother started again, circa 2017. NoCap cites his brother as an importance influence and figure in his life, who’s also ended up in somewhat of a managerial role these days.

The rapper began to take his career seriously when he dropped his first song, “Boss Move,” which proceeded to rack up 50k plays off top on YouTube– quite the feat for the artist’s first record, but he had the support of his city on his back. The momentum has continued to climb since his first record, with his debut mixtape Neighborhood Hero. Three more mixtapes, including The Backend Child, Hood Dictionary and a joint mixtape with Rylo Rodriguez called Rogerville would follow, as well as a couple more viral songs, including “Ghetto Angels.” A co-sign from NBA Youngboy, Lil Baby would only further cement his stardom.

Now, NoCap is going to be in the position where he’s the one doling out co-signs, while fans anxiously await his proper debut album. 

Photo credit: HNHH