Either love him or hate him, no matter which end of the spectrum you fall under, you’re likely to be intrigued, or at least mystified, by the idiosyncratic presence in the Hip-Hop game that is Lil’ B. Known to his feverish fans as The Based God, his famed self-styled affectation, Lil’ B rose with his bay area rap/skate crew, The Pack, and began to release a staggering amount of solo mixtapes and albums to a growing cult audience. He has appeared on tracks produced by Clams Casino and collaborated with artists such as Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy. With a distinctive style, Lil’ B is a controvertial figure in Hip Hop and enjoys legions of die-hard fans, as well as die-hard detractors, and has left plenty of folks scratching their heads. His latest mixtape is called “05 Fuck Em,” and was his 45th mixtape (including collaborations) released since ’07.