One half of the now-defunct Das Racist, Bae-Area body Kool A.D. is probably sick of people starting his biography like that. He’s also probably sick of biographies in general, and wishes they could be written in permanent marker on the ass cheeks of a high-spirited truck driver. Alas, the artist born Victor Vazquez is a rapper, and he does that a lot. In November 2015, he released O.K., a 100-track mixtape with a runtime of six hours and thirty-eight minutes. But he’s also a visual artist, and he does that a lot too, selling his work on Instagram to whoever’s offering. And when he’s not doing that, he’s an author working on his debut Joycean novel, due out any day now (it’s also called O.K.). By the time you’re done reading this biography, we’re sure Mister Vazquez has already picked up a new art form to remake in his image, so we’ll just cut our losses here, and let you follow him on Twitter to try to keep up.