JPEGMafia has proven himself to be one of the most interesting artists out right now, thanks to his genre-bending self-produced music. To compare JPEGMafia to anyone else would simply be doing the Baltimore artist a disservice. If you have heard any of his material, you would understand exactly what we’re saying.

After serving in the military at a young age, the artist moved to Baltimore in 2015 where he released mixtapes like Communist Slow Jams and Darkskin Manson. JPEGMafia was inspired by the political protests going on in Baltimore at the time and these themes ended up finding their way into his music. He would then experiment with his sounds further, going with a much more distorted effort on his debut album Black Ben Carson.

In 2018, the artist dropped Veteran which is still considered to be a cult classic by many of his fans. The project contains some of his most experimental sounds, to date, and is easily one of the best experimental hip-hop records of the decade. Most recently, JPEGMafia dropped All My Heroes Are Cornballs, in 2019, to critical acclaim.

Now, the artist is living in Los Angeles, California, and is working on his next record which will surely be a progression on his unique sound.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Coachella