One half of the now-defunct Das Racist, King of Queens Heems probably wouldn’t want us to start his biography that way. The 2-kool-4-skool MC born Himanshu Kumar Suri would probably want us to start his profile with a picture of traditional Hindu imagery superimposed over the Hiroshima mushroom cloud, and that’s why we fuck with him. This guy doesn’t play by anybody’s rules but his own (and he probably makes those up on the spot anyway). More interested in Tumblr than Instagram, Heems is a post-modern artist who combines biting social commentary with the lyrical equivalent of a dank meme. His debut studio album Eat Pray Thug was the kind of album that critics only started liking 9 months after he released it, begging for Suri’s forgiveness, pleading plebian ignorance. Touring the continent while simultaneously giving no fucks at all, Heems has a cult following that would swallow a hater whole. In terms of his next move, your guess is as good as ours.