Rap superstars have been in Francis’s corner for years. The band that might just be one person has been producing music since 2007 with the release of Francis’s debut EP Striking. As legend has it, in 2009, Kanye West endorsed the band’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” cover, bringing the limelight one step closer to Francis. The following year, budding Canadian rapper Drake took Francis and the Lights on tour with him in support of his debut studio album Thank Me Later. Francis and the Lights had produced TML’s second track “Karaoke,” a song Drake fans would eventually start mentioning in conversations to seem cool. In the last couple years, Francis has found a friend in Chance The Rapper, helping the Chicago prince with production on songs from Coloring Book and The Social Experiment’s Surf. In 2016, reaching the peak of his fame so far, Francis and the Lights released “Friends,” featuring Bon Iver and Kanye West. Yeezy called it his favorite song of the year. The lights are only getting brighter.