Motown’s musical revival is on the horizon and Dusty McFly embodies the spirit of Detroit’s artistic youth movement. Hip Hop artist, Dusty McFly exemplifies and innovates an aspect of Detroit popular culture that the world has not yet seen. His debut album Buffies and Benihana’s will bring listeners on a raw journey throughout the Motor City. Reminiscent of vintage E-40 and Snoop Dogg, Dusty has become an integral part of Detroit’s unique language pioneering catch phrases such as, “I’m out here!” “Scums,” “Fleez” etc. Raised by his mother and grandmother who gave him the nickname “Dusty” because of his light brown hair, the 22 year old artist learned what it means to be a man in the city. Driven by his love for Detroit, Dusty’s artistry stays true to its roots. Buffies and Benihana’s (B&B) tells the story of a young man influenced by Detroit’s up and coming youth, spirit of hustle, women and the never ending grind toward success. B&B is told from two perspectives of Dusty’s life. Dusty states, “The Buffies part of Buffies and Benihana’s is like a story of the coming up of the youth here in the city of Detroit, from going through poverty, selling dope, going to jail, coming up in a single parent homes, basically, the life that I’ve seen.” He goes on, “The Benihana’s part is the young, wild, flashy, rich style, flamboyant Detroit d-boy.” Dusty McFly’s music is an unapologetic reflection of the harsh realities that exist in Detroit, Michigan and other disenfranchised communities across the country. Dusty McFly’s music is a soundtrack to the city; it’s a celebration for those who were fortunate enough to overcome the social ills of their immediate environment, and a cry from the youth who have succumbed to it. Dusty McFly’s music is about making audiences aware of this lifestyle and reality. “Detroit everything,” serves as Dusty’s message and standard for his music. Dusty states, “I’m all about bringing the city back so just listening to me will get the unfamiliar people aware of our lifestyle. I make music to raise awareness of the environment in which we live in. He goes on, “Detroit has hustlers, entrepreneurs, and educated individuals. We can succeed anywhere. No one outside of Detroit knows that or understands us. I want the industry and people to know that we are capable of any and everything we choose to do. My music embodies that and more.” Dusty McFly’s style is also a direct reflection of his dedication to his city. Dusty appeared on the music scene displaying his loyalty to his beloved city of Detroit with subtle salutes to its culture i.e. turning the Detroit Red Wing logo into a medallion on his gold necklace. The glamorization of Cartier frames in the city of Detroit has become an intricate of its culture. Dusty reflects the street style of Detroit by making a vintage pair of Buffalo Cartier glasses (otherwise known as “buffies”) a part of his daily uniform. Detroit has welcomed and returned Dusty’s love with a major amount of support. Since the springtime release of Dusty’s debut single, “I’m Out Here” there has been an abundance of requests at both major hip hop radio stations in Detroit. Dusty’s Hot 102.7 Detroit Summer Jamz 14 performance solidified the bond between Dusty and his city. He states he is ready to return next year with more to give. The industry has not yet experienced the infamous street style of Detroit hustlers such as Sho Boat and entrepreneurs like Street Lord Juan. To date there has not been a mainstream artist from Detroit that accurately and successfully articulates the Detroit hustler lifestyle. Dusty McFly innovates and broadcasts that for an audience far beyond Detroit’s city limits. He lyrically embodies the feeling of frustration and enthusiasm of this up and coming generation of young hustlers. Dusty McFly has dedicated all of his time, efforts, and energy into making his dream a reality. He has aligned himself with the seasoned entertainment industry veterans in C.O.I.N. Handlers LLC as his management company to ensure his chances of success. Together they are diligently working to make history for the city of Detroit, and guaranteeing Dusty as a contender in the big league. Their collective faith in God, discipline, diligence, and hard work is sure to make Dusty McFly next up from Detroit, Michigan.