Full disclosure: staying on top isn’t easy. With two hit albums in the bank, British electronic-duo Disclosure has touched Heaven twice, so what’s next? We’re sure after “Latch,” their single that helped propel Sam Smith to pop superstardom, hit the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100, people were saying the same thing. Followed by worldwide headlining tours, Disclosure’s 2013 debut LP was nominated for a Grammy, and we bet the naysayers said it would end there too. And then in 2014, when Caracal, their second LP, hit silver in the UK, with features from The Weeknd, Lorde, and Knight-2-be Sam Smith, the non-believers probably barked at the moon convinced it would all stop soon. But it hasn’t, and with the quick release of their Summer ’16 EP Moog For Love, Disclosure have set in motion even greater things to come.