CupcakKe’s overtly sexual tracks are part of what pushed her into the spotlight, gaining viral attention due to the graphic lyrics on songs like
“Deepthroat” and “Vagina.” However, her music hasn’t always been hyper-sexualized. She began to rap at the age of 14, a hobby that was cultivated from an interest in writing poetry. Her song “Gold Digger” went viral online in 2012, and she released songs like “Money” and “Yo Lost” before releasing the sexually-charged tracks that people know her for today. 

Her debut album Cum Cake was released in 2016, and fans were surprised to see that there were only six explicit tracks on the 15-song album. Cupcakke would go on to release two more albums before 2016 was over, one of them being S.T.D, which was named one of the Best Rap Albums of 2016 by Rolling Stone Magazine. Throughout her early releases, CupcakKe was determined to stay independent, wanting to do everything on her own terms.  

CupcakKe doesn’t only push the boundaries with her lyrics. On multiple occasions, her audacious music videos have been removed from YouTube for violating their community guidelines. While Harris feels as though she has “strikes against her” in the music industry, she doesn’t let the media hold her back. She certainly doesn’t need a male co-signer and doesn’t feel the pressure to prove herself to anyone. “There’s nothing to prove. Everything has been proven already,” she once told The Fader. CupcakKe has managed to gain worldwide recognition thus far entirely on her own, and it seems she’ll only go up from here.

Photo credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images