Boy bands are a great American tradition, but there has yet to be a group that truly represents the youth of modern America. That is, until now.

BROCKHAMPTON is an L.A.-based rap group and self-proclaimed “internet boy band”. The claim isn’t too far-fetched. The group came together after team leader Kevin Abstract made a post on the KanyeToThe forums asking if anyone wanted to join a band. 13 members later, at least 7 of which contribute vocals, and we have a group that makes compelling and original music with a growing and passionate fanbase.

Having so many rappers in the group doesn’t mean that the individual members can take it easy either. Each member brings something unique to each track, which has translated into a diverse portfolio of songs, as well as a metric ton of them. In 2017, BROCKHAMPTON released not one, but three full length studio albums with their Saturation trilogy. Which other boy band do you know that’s so hard working?

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Spotify