Things got a little heated over on Twitter today (June 9) between Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis. Boxer Ryan Garcia has had a growing frustration with Golden Boy and streaming service DAZN over how things have been moving behind the scenes. Garcia has been sharing that he’s secured his next fight date a for July 4, however, Golden Boy still hasn’t mustered up an opponent in this post-COVID-19 lockdown era. Sports Illustrated reports that the July date is now a thing of the past, and Garcia has lamented that he’s not being compensated financially the way he deserves.

Ryan Garcia Claps Back At Gervonta Davis Over $200K Tease: "You Hit [Women]"
Steve Marcus / Stringer / Getty Images

“That’s bullsh*t,” Garcia said of his $200K offer to fight. “Why am I being held back financially? What is the problem here? Why is DAZN giving out big numbers to guys fighting nobodies? It’s f*cked up how I’m being treated. I’m not asking for $100 million. Just give me the check I deserve. How am I one of the biggest fighters in the world and I get bigger paychecks outside of boxing?”

Gervonta Davis saw a tweet about the above quote by Garcia and poked fun at his fellow boxer. “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 200k?????? He need that money back from him buying that Ferrari...stop trying to keep up broke boy! 😫😫😫.” Ryan Garcia clapped back at Davis by replying, “Yeah I get endorsement deals outside of boxing, something you don’t know about bc you hit woman.”

Garcia was bringing up the recent charges made against Davis following a recorded incident that showed the boxer man-handling his ex. “And it still don’t add up what I’m getting paid…Mr ✌🏼🤏🏻🤏🏻 uh occasion,” Davis responded. Check it out below.