Youtube sensations Logan Paul and KSI are officially set for another boxing match on November 9, following up their August 2018 bout that took place at Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

This time around, the Staples Center in Los Angeles will serve as the venue, and they won’t be wearing any headgear when they step inside the ring.

Their first fight ended in a majority draw with two judges scoring it 57–57 and the other 58–57 in favor of KSI. Says KSI, “I can’t wait to see the memes of him slumped on the ground after I’ve repeatedly beaten the life out of him.”

“Finally, after over a year since our rematch, I get to enter the ring once again to fight Logan Paul,” said KSI. “If I’m being honest, I didn’t fight well at all in the first fight, and even then, I still managed to draw against him. 

“This time I won’t make it so close, especially now that it’s a pro fight, no head guards and 10oz gloves hahahaha, the time to end him is nearing. I can’t wait to see the memes of him slumped on the ground after I’ve repeatedly beaten the life out of him. He’s facing a different animal this time. He will soon realize.

Both men have already passed their physicals and they will come face-to-face for the first time since their 2018 fight at a launch press conference in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 14 with a UK press conference to follow.

Paul says he’s been training rigorously, and has vowed to embarrass KSI in the rematch.

“I’m excited to ruin JJs face and I want to thank DAZN for giving me the platform to do so,” said Paul. “Last fight, KSI couldn’t beat me with only three months of training under my belt. For the past year, while JJ has been wasting his time trying to become a rapper, I’ve been training every single day. I’m finally getting what I wanted from the beginning – no headgear, 10oz gloves, and the opportunity to dismantle JJ’s repugnant face in Los Angeles, my home city.

“After November 9, the embarrassment of losing will eat away at KSI’s ego for the next decade; he will be afraid to show face in America. This time, I won’t leave it up to the judges.”