The final season of Game Of Thrones is nearly upon us, at long, long last. With the season premiere kicking off on Sunday, April 14th, HBO has once again delivered a new promo. This time comes “Aftermath,” a somber reflection on the wars to come. While no new footage is revealed, the tone of this one speaks volumes, focusing on the fallout of the upcoming Battle for Winterfell. And from the look of it, the battle may very well prove costly. 

Beginning with a tattered House Stark flag, the camera moves across the battlements of Winterwell, which looks to have taken a serious beating at the hands of the Dead. While it ultimately does little to reveal the fate of any major characters, it does end on a rather ominous note: Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw, lying abandoned in the snow. While it’s hard to imagine Jon Snow losing his signature blade, it’s certainly possible given the inevitable chaos set to ensue.

Check out the promotional video now, and sound off below. Will you be tuning in for the final Game Of Thrones season?