The moment is almost here. Marvel fans have been waiting since the moment they left movie theaters in April for a glimpse at the follow up to Avengers: Infinity War. After Thanos killed off half of the galaxy with the Infinity Gauntlet, the Avengers were left in shambles. The far-reaching effect of Thanos’ plan will soon be revealed in a new trailer. As we reported on Monday, a leaked synopsis for an Avengers 4 trailer hit the web recently. Although fans were somewhat skeptical of the leak, now another potential spoiler surrounding the trailer has arrived. 

As reported by Comicbook.comTwitter user @ImAFilmEditor tweeted that the Avengers 4 trailer is currently going through DMR, or digital media remastering. That is practically the last step that needs to be completed prior to a trailer being disseminated to the world. Now, you may be asking yourself, “who is @ImAFilmEditor, and why does a page with only a few thousand followers have any insight?” @ImAFilmEditor has been correct about trailer releases before. The Twitter user announced that Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story were going through the DMR process, and weeks later, they arrived. If @ImAFilmEditor is correct yet again, we should receive the Avengers 4 trailer within 2-3 weeks.